Thursday, January 25, 2007

So it has been over a month since I have posted any music. Apologies, life has just been very busy. Anyway, check out some of these tunes.

New Claude Von Stroke remix for Katapult artist Mikael Weill. That repeating sound throughout reminds me a bit of the same sound in Orbital "Halcyon". A bit....

Mikael Weill - Silmarions (Claude Von Stroke Mix) (zShare)
Mikael Weill - Silmarions (Claude Von Stroke Mix) (YSI)

Oh shit, Fluokids posted this tune this morning....its no fair them being 7 hours ahead. Im going to leave it, but give them all the credit. If your not check out their site, click on the link over on the right.

Good mid set tune to bring up the crowd. The chopped up vocal patterns lay nicely over any tune coming up....

33Hz - Paris, Texas (Gentlemens Driver Remix) (zShare)
33Hz - Paris, Texas (Gentlemens Driver Remix) (YSI)

If you read FluoKids and the other blogs orbiting Europe, Im sure you have already scored this track. A nice electro track to start out the new year.

Felix Cartal - Moss vs. Tree (zShare)
Felix Cartal - Moss vs. Tree (YSI)

I know I know, a short post, but look out in the furture. Will be getting back into this in the coming week. Many other blogs are run by numerous people....any avid readers of this site interested in helping with the postings....? Post a comment. The obvious applys. Have good (similar) taste in music....Be back soon.....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

for all those out west....


Sorry about the hiatus....vacation is a beautiful thing. Anyway Im going to be back soon with a killer posting. Keep your eyes peeled.....

In the meantime....

This shit is too funny...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gang Bang

Recently posted on the Bang Gangs Podcast site are two mixes done over a year ago. The first is from Ajax, click here to download/stream "The What to Play if You Have to Play House Mix". You should already know this dude for the remix I posted a week ago he did for The Valentinos (see below).

Someone attempted to fill in the tracklisting but only got like 60%. Anyway this is a killer mix even though it was made in 2005. Who gives a fuck. It makes you dance.

Next is another old mix, this time from Bagraiders, also from 2005. Click here to download the Bagraiders Megamix. These guys also remixed The Valentinos. The track "Kafka!" appears on the recent Kitsune Maison 3 Compilation.

No one has attempted a playlist on this one yet....

Bagraiders MySpace
Bang Gang MySpace
Ajax Website
Go to the Ajax MySpace to stream another one of his mixes (I can find it for download).

This shit is so gay it rocks!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I Cant Feel aNYthing

I dont need to tell you. The info is right in front of your face. Do the right thing. If your in the yay area and need to get down to....well according to the flyer...anything hip, get your ass out to the Castro district and get gay. (I dont know where it is, but go out tonight).

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cold Days and Colder Nights

First snow in Minneapolis. Im not too psyched. Its fucking cold. So last night I had to opportunity to listen to the new LCD Soundsystem record Sounds of Silver. I was really happy for this experience only to find out the fucking record was leaked this morning! Hopefully DFA, EMI and Capitol make an effort to seal these leaks because this record is amazing and should not end being scrapped because it is already floating about.

On another DFA note, I had the chance to see and hang out with another possible DFA signees this weekend. Unfortunately, due to contractual issues still up in the air, I was asked not to mention their name as some of their demo tracks are already floating around in the blogosphere. But expect to be pleasantly surprised soon from DFA.

Anyway,some new tunes. As always OhMyGosh has hooked up new Rekorder and Kaliber tracks on their site. In the style of their previous tracks (dark, frightening techno), this recent track does not disappoint.

Rekorder - Rekorder 7.1 (YSI)

Rekorder - Rekorder 7.1 (zShare)

This next artist comes courtesy of 24-hours. Its a track from the latest release from Norwegian artist Skatebaard. Killer retro sounding italo techno. Look out for his other releases.

Skatebaard - June Nights South of Sienna (zShare)
Skatebaard - June Nights South of Sienna (YSI)

I know this track has been posted numerous times, but adding some fun into this post. Not as good as other remixes of this track, but its still fun. Some Spank Rock over Temporary Secretary. Straight fun.

Spank Rock - Bump (Pink Skull Remix) (zShare)
Spank Rock - Bump (Pink Skull Remix) (YSI)

Another track posted a while ago, but its still dope. Sorry this sound quality is a bit shit. If anyone has a better sounding version, do let me know.

Klanguage - All This Time (Yuksek vs. The Invaders Remix) (zShare)

Klanguage - All This Time (Yuksek vs. The Invaders Remix) (YSI)

Most of you have the BagRaiders remix of the Valentino's track which was featured on the Kitsune Maison Vol. 3 CD, but here is another one. Again, not the greatest quality. But if it were better, this track would bang way harder.

The Valentino's - Faces on the Wall (Ajax Remix) (zShare)
The Valentino's - Faces on the Wall (Ajax Remix) (YSI)

What does the backing band to uber hipster band Soulwax do when their globe trotting lead members are being 2 many DJs. They form their own band. This is Goose. You can imagine what they sound like. Nite Versions galore.

Goose - British Mode (Jester Remix) (zShare)
Goose - British Mode (Jester Remix) (YSI)

check their myspace

Recently received this remix from the Guns N Bombs guys of The Teenagers. One of the better Teenagers remixes I have heard, but I still like the Sendhelp remix quite a bit.

The Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns N Bombs XTC 1996 Remix) (zShare)
The Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns N Bombs XTC 1996 Remix) (YSI)

So just wondering if I have any local readers (here in Minneapolis) who may be interested in getting a party started in the cities.....For that matter, out of interest, do I have ANY readers in Minneapolis? Drop a comment if your in the twin cities.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

White Bread Gives You Cancer

Temporary hiatus, sorry. Back. Ive gotten a bunch of new shit I'd love to share but was asked not to...yet. Anyway, keep your heads up for new single from new DFA signing, Prinzhorn Dance School (featured on new Optimo mix...see discobelle) and new mixtape from Guns n' Bombs featuring new tracks from the forthcoming album on Kitsune. Anyway, here are some tracks Ive been playing lately, most have already been posted, but if you d ont have them yet, check em out.

Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (zShare)
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (YSI)

Our friends at Digital Self put me on to this track a bit ago and not realizing, I had it. Probably I was so distracted by the dopeness of Deep Throat and his remix of Fedde Le Grande's "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit, I over looked this track. My mistake.

Bugz in the Attic - Don't Stop the Music (Switch Remix) (zShare)
Bugz in the Attic - Don't Stop the Music (Switch Remix) (YSI)

Dope remix of new Bugz in the Attic single.

Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams (Switch Remix) (zShare)
Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams (Switch Remix) (YSI)

As if he hadnt already staked his claim in remixing new artist, he had gone back and touched up a classic. When I saw Skull Juice posted this I was quite happy. Heard this was in the works and wasn't disappointed.

Voodoo Chilli VS Trevor Loveys - Look What You've Done (zShare)

Voodoo Chilli VS Trevor Loveys - Look What You've Done (YSI)

This sounds in the same vain of Switch, but remixed by Daft Punk...or vice versa. Really good. Heads up to Fluokids.

Steed Lord - Dirty Mutha (zShare)
Steed Lord - Dirty Mutha (YSI)

First heard about this on Big Stereo and than saw tracks posted on Discobelle, but still, I really like this track. Grimey with a diva.

Monday, November 06, 2006

You Dood

I've been really busy so sorry for the absence. Ill skip straight to what everyone really wants, the music. Here is a little mix that goes quite nicely. Enjoy.

Home Video - Penguin (Loving Hand Remix) (zShare)
Home Video - Penguin (Loving Hand Remix) (YSI)
This song is so beautifully composed, it gives me goosebumps. The Loving Hand being a pseudonym for one half of DFA, Tim Goldsworthy for those who didnt know. His remix of The Rakes new song "Binary Love" is equally superb. But did you expect anything less?

José González - Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen Mix) (zShare)
José González - Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen Mix) (YSI)
This song is awesome. Sent to me by the now seemingly defunct "Digital Self". I do not know much about the remixer, but I know now from some readers that he is from Finland, not Sweden. I apologize for that mistake and any offense it may have caused. Im still learning to!

Dominik Eulberg - Bionik (Guy Gerber Redlight Remix) (zShare)

Dominik Eulberg - Bionik (Guy Gerber Redlight Remix) (YSI)
Very good remix of this track off of Eulbergs latest 12" released on Sven Vath's, Cocoon Records.

Here are two tracks of one of the later Hot Chip single releases. I really like this Booka Shade remix, it even compliments the Hot Chip remix of Darko quite nicely as well. The Maurice Fulton doesnt really go to crazy, but still a smooth jam. They are playing here in Minneapolis this Saturday (11/11) at First Avenue. Go check them out.

Hot Chip - (Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix) (zShare)
Hot Chip - (Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix) (YSI)

Hot Chip - Over & Over (Maurice Fulton Remix) (zShare)

Hot Chip - Over & Over (Maurice Fulton Remix (YSI)

Very amusing video for Claude VonStroke's "Deep Throat". Shit is pretty weird.

I Am Finn - I Love You (Van She Remix) (zShare)
I Am Finn - I Love You (Van She Remix) (YSI)

Video reel from some dope visual artists out of Germany named Lichterloh.

Oh yeah and check the postings below for the SMD remix to The Rapture. I couldnt post my previous version because I found within moments of the posting, it was watermarked to people I didnt want to get in trouble of sorts. Anyway, our friends at Fluxblog got their hands on it first (surprise surprise), so with my readers, I share. (See Below)