Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Its about this Music

So I am heading home back to NYC for a while so Im going to do a post to keep you occupied while I am gone. Well "you" is really my #1 fan Justin (aka Meatwad) but you few others who check this site, its for you to.
First of all I would like to address something which has come to my attention through a few disgruntled emails I have received regarding my postings. There seems to be a problem among the internet community about my postings of already "blogged" songs....I am sorry if this upsets some of you, but my site is about songs that I am into, which most likely will be songs other people will be into. And I also post things I want my friends to hear. The only people I am trying not to offend are the artists and the labels (which I have yet to received complaints from anyway). So anyone I upset by treding on your feet, Im sorry.
And on that note Im going to post the fuck out of a bunch of shit Im feeling today.
Im really into parties. Not necessarily "partying" but the environment in which a party is taking place. If anyone hasnt seen the film "Maestro", please do. It is regarding the unerground dance culture that was the Paradise Garage and the Loft in 1980s New York City. Parties back than were not what they were today. They were not places to be seen and talked about, but rather places to be yourself. Places to let yourself go.
Do We Offend You? Yeah! - We Are Rockstars
Basically the exact opposite of what they are today I guess. But I know the jumpoffs are still going on, they just need to be found.
People are getting sweaty and crazy and smashing against the walls and reaching for the ceilings in someones loft, warehouse or basement. Its not being in the particular physical environment but in that certain state of mind.
The Egg - Walking Away (Tocadisco Remix)
Now I am not totally naive, I know that mental state is usually (and far more quickly) acheived by the assistance of certain narcotics or copious amounts of booze...usually both...but that is not the point of what I am talkin about.
By now you may have downloaded one (or both) of the songs I posted above..and you may see where I am going. If not keep reading.
Wolf & Cub - Thousand Cuts (Phones Slasher Remix)
Now I know right now I am coming off as like some acid induced hippy-esque type, but most of you know what Im saying. Its not about the DJ playing what you want to hear, its about not knowig what the DJ is going to play and just going along for the ride.
Fox N' Wolf - In Yr Underwear (JD Remix)
Of course we all love the hits. I mean "pop music" is short for popular music.
Edu-K - Sex-O-Matic (Solid Groove Remix)
But not knowing can be even more fun. Its being able to let go and let the DJ control your emotions.
Knifehandchop - All Over Your Face
"Control your emotions". Wow, thats border line hippy shit! But it is so true. So listen to the songs I have posted....In a row. Its so spot on. I mean "climax" refers to the same thing in a song as it does in sex. And both can definatley make your fingers and toes curl.
The Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
Anyway as I said, when your done reading this ramble, listen to what Ive said and think about it. Music is like the universal smile. It means the same shit around the world. It unites us in crazy drunken debauchery. Its just plain fun. The songs I have posted are from today.
Jesse Rose - Your All Over My Head
The pictures next to them are from back in the day (The Hacienda, Warehouse & Paraidse Garage). Bring this shit together and throw down. These moments are what we "have together". Lets have fun and enjoy it. Stop taking yourself so fucking seriously!!!
Huggtron - Dance
Alot of music was meant to say fuck the world. So when you go out tonight or tomorrow night or whenever, do just that. Dont think about what the world thinks about you, do what you want.
Kissy Sell Out - Keanue Reeves (Grunge Version)
So yeah. This was a long post (thanks to a Sparks Plus...or two). But feel the beats and have fun with it. This is why I love music so much.
Seymours Bits - You Must Be the Bass
Play these songs in a row like a said and feel the fun in it all. Pump your fist and reach for the roof. Thats why we do what we do. Enjoy!!
Alex Gopher - The Dice
I mean for fuck sakes Ive basically give you a dance mixatpe courtesy of me. If you havnt put them all together your douche chilling.
Etienne De Crecy & Alex Gopher - The Overnet

Who knows how many fellow bloggers I have pissed off by posting "their tracks". But for those ten possible people I have made happy that makes me happy numerous folds over. Im sure alot of these tracks may even be "expired on some site, so if you missed them, heres is your chance. If you havnt put it together, Im trying to say its not the competition. Its not the "coolness" factor. Its the community. Its the fun of the party. So just DO it and enjoy. Pzzz
Download the rest of these tracks. Im going to piss the fuck out of other bloggers but I just want every one to have music. It may be old, it may be old, but whatever, right?
The Knife - Marble House (Booka Shade Remix)
Solid Groove & Sinden - Gotta Get Up
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
Now I know most of these tracks have been posted, but as I forementioned, I dont give I shit. If you missed downloading them, here is your chance. If you already did download them or just have them, than that cool to. Im just trying to put foward songs as a mass. Play these together. feel them as a whole. Have fun.
Claude Vonstroke - The Whistler
OK so now Im on my last two postings. Please place the tracks from this posting in a play list entitled "Blk:Mrkt" on your iTunes. Listen to it in whole. Im not up on my podcasting shit, so this will have to do. It may not mix exactly how I am hoping for, but either way its hot shit.
Metope - Sekon Skin (Tekel Remix)
But what I have been trying to focus towards is on some Gestalt type shit. The sum is greater than the whole. Everything together is bigger than itself. Put this shit Ive been giving to you. Its making the mix. Can you feel it?


Anonymous Shilpa said...

Ignore those haters, I don't have most of the songs you post! Your blog is awesome, despite the fact that you ignore my west coast texts.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Blitz Boy said...

Basic stuff but pure as gold, good posting man - keep it up

9:06 AM  
Blogger stacy said...

Its not about who posted what first. its about music. obviously those bitching about whose song is whose never got passed third grade.

Awesome pictures.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous kevvy-k said...

where do people get off wasting their time having a go like that? shame on them! keep posting whatever you like, feel free to rip off anything from us and post it if you feel you are enrichening people's lives and bringing them musical joy like you do all the time with your excellent blog

10:13 AM  

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