Thursday, June 15, 2006

So Im never quite sure when summer is arriving but its fucking gross, change my t shirt three times, cold showers and hot hip hop tunes to bump while the windows in the ride are down.... check some of these which are actually hotter than the reading on the thermometer.

Kardinal Offishall - Sunday
Always underated, Im bringing this one back from the dutty man hailing from the T dot O. Im sure its even getting warm up there. Drop those windows, hang out with the seeds and enjoy the day of the lord.

Gangsta Lee - Teach dem Gangsta (Hip Hop Gangsta Remix)

Who doesnt wish they were in the islands right now....sitting with your feet in the ocean and a margarita in hand....well the Kenny Dope-ish track will bring you there, but if your not so fortunate, that bass will kill it in the car while in rush hour traffic.

Ghostface Killah - Daytona (Omega One Hi Fi Remix)
I miss my home town, I miss driving through BK doing what I do. Anything from Ghost (and the entire Wu Tang) always remind me of home. This remix in particular is simply just awesome. Im picturing driving across the Williamsburg bridge with the Manhattan skyline on both sides....niiice.

Trique-Dik-Slik feat. Christopher Ras - Mary Jane Too (Blunt Version)
Ummmmm yeah....a great summer activity. A great soundtrack....Dont give me shit, I know its cheesy but dont front. And this doooods name kicks ass...