Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So I'm not going to lie, I've been a total hater. Not in a total player hater type of way, but I've always sort of, well, ragged on the blog world for too long. My ideas of blogs always related to livejournal, the minute to minute trackings of Conor Oberst, and the inner thinkings of overly depressed 16 year old emo kids trying to release their angst into cyberspace. And I still feel the same way, but I realize there is so much more than just that.
Through my site, BLK:MRKT, I am going to mainly focus on music (and a bit on me, because lets face it, there has got to be a tiny bit of egocentricity involved in making your own website).
My taste in music spans through time and sounds. I cannot put my finger on exactly what I like, so I am hoping through this site I can peel off some of the onion skin and allow you into my mind.
I feel as though I need some sort of long written introduction marking my first posting, but honestly, how much does everyone really care? Lets just get shirt started, yeah? Fuckin-A.....


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