Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some good tracks to post today. The new remix of Para One by MSTRKFT is really good. One of their heavier dance tunes which features an awesome rave whistle and awesome building mountain of vocal samples and screeching synths. These guys are in need of dropping a remix album (for more stellar than their solo efforts for sure).

Para One - Dun Dun Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)

I first heard of WhoMadeWho a year ago when I was still working at DFA. We received the record from the Gomma guys and it was quickly a very popular record. With similarities to Gang of Four and A Certain Ratio, its clear why. Than I began hearing about them again the past Spring. So to be honest I'm not sure whether the following track is off of an older record or a recent release, but its still good.

WhoMadeWho - Out the Door (Superdiscount Remix)

Also with a good streak of remixes and 12"s, I'm feeling this track from In Flagranti. Cheeky disco vocal sample over a dope techno synth. I dont know much about the group, so if anyone can fill me in....

In Flagranti - Genital Blue Room

I ripped the following track from Skull Juice blog. I dont know much about 'Does it Offend You, Yeah?', but this track from them is a killer. Electro synth madness and vocoders. Mmmm.

Do We Offend You, Yeah - We are Rockstars


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