Monday, July 31, 2006

Bling Blaow

So I feel I am usually up on my hip hop game. Ive kinda of been sleeping for a while just because Ive gotten sick of the who G Unit shit and as far as the mixtape thing, Im not really feeling Papoose. The Source went down the drain a long time ago and XXL, while still having the edge is way too over the aforementioned supergroups jock.
But I am confused about one thing. About this time last year I came across this dude, Young Blaze.....and still nothing. I mean has the Fader even done a spot on him? They shouted out the slept on Ryan Leslie, but I dont know if they focused on this cat (catchdubs?). Anyway, its been a year and I am still bumping this shit. I mean its an ill MC ontop of Timbaland beats!! Dudes! Did this shit just go to bed with Beat Club? I dont know, but c'mon, peep this shit and tell me it doesnt give you goosebumps and chills.....

Young Blaze - Somethin Gon Bang (Prod. by Timbaland)

Listen to those Timbo claps and that grimey synth. Shit.

Young Blaze feat. Timbaland - V.I.P. (Prod. by Timbaland)

Spacey synth drops. Rocks up like BLING! The flow b. Sooo tight.

Young Blaze - Top Chillin' (Prod. by Just Blaze)

Where has Just Blaze been? Posing with cell phones and playing to much Playstation I think. Dude, please come back to the studio. I need that sound. Joe Buddens first LP? So slept on.

Young Blaze feat. Timbaland - No Panties (Remix) (Prod. by Timbaland)

Get it poppin in the club with this banger. Classic Timbaland guitar and eastern vocal samples. Girls in the club with no panties on in the club? Whoa.

Young Blaze - Clout (Prod. by Timbaland)

Get your hardest track. The HARDEST track. This one will shit on it.

Young Blaze - Its Real Niggaz (Prod. by Timbaland)

Yet another classic Timbaland banger. Have I just given you an album worth of this shit? No but its a fucking EP of illness. Please this dudes flow! Over these beats? SOMEONE SIGN HIM!

On of course a gem from Kanyeezy Yeezy. Young Blaze is apparently from the Chi. Makes sense. I know I should know this sample....What is it. The Jeffersons or something.

Young Blaze - Work it Out (Prod. by Kanye West)

Slide please, slide please, left to the right, right to the left please.

So I dont want to get in trouble, but while Im on the hip hop tip, whats up with the Rick Ross release? Port of Miami? Im dying for it. He may be one of the iller rappers out there right now. Killing it on the mixtape circuit, I respect that. But im feeling his full length may just be the shit.

"Ive got the real estate, but a realer state of mind"

Maybe I should post some shit, but if you dont already have it, stop hitting the snooze button and at least go out and grab on of his mixtapes. Your sleeping dood!

Oh yeah and if you slept on that Ryan Leslie comment, download the below track. Its old news in the UK. But whatever. Education. FYI, this is the dude who produced Cassie's album. You know, that track, Me & U which you cant stop nodding your head to?? I know you know it

Ryan Leslie (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Just Right
This was the original shit which caught my attention as well as everyone else.....Banger

Ryan Leslie (feat. Clipse) - The Way that You Move Girl

Ummm. Whoa. Now Im into this Hip Hop/R&B. DUDE! Sweaty club music. Makes me think Little X videos with dimes. All over. Lots of fans and sprayed water. Sex music

Thanks to catchdubs for the shout out on his site. You got to love the way this internet game works. Its brings the idea of word uv mouf to a whole new light. I was just in Barnes and Noble reading the introduction to the new book out by Wired editor Chris Anderson called "The Long Tail" which focuses on how big business is "selling more of less". Basically it is speaking on how companys such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and other companys are bringing basically everything to everyone. Check out an excerpt here from the Wired archives

Also watch "The Day of the Long Tail" here
And keep up to date on The Long Tail Blog here

So in my eyes, this blogging shit right here is bringing my mental jukebox to people all around the world. And its so simple. Ive gotten emails from England, Sweden, Detorit and Japan complimenting me on my tracks and my postings which is really why I wanted to get into this right here.
I am actually in a computer lab at school at the moment and my track posting not going to happen so bear with me, I just wanted to get the text out and I will ad some tracks tonight. As well as some pictures.

Anyway back to the point at hand. Music. Its been over a week since my last posting and those have since expired, so Im going to treat everyone to a handful of good shit, yet you wont be able to download them until I get home tonight, but I am going to just list them off anyway so your appetite is wet.

Peaches seems to be all over the places as of late. I can get into her, but this remix is one of my favorites right now, just cause I am a big Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan, and any track of their made into a dancefloor hit is killer.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix)

I got this track from Skull Juice. Took a minute to grow on me, until I let it get into the sinister keys. Nice track.

Bauchamp - All Night Long

Also to ride the Skull Juice coat tail, they made mention of Tigarah. I posted on her a while back but I am reposting this track in case the added attention sparks anyone elses attention.

Tigarah - Fake Out

Few more dancefloor tracks, some old, some new, I dont really know, but they are all worthy of attention today so grab em while you can.

Royksopp - What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix)

Royksopp - What Else is There (Vitalic Remix)
The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health (Trentemoller Remix)
Azzido Da Bass feat. Digitalism - Strobelightz (Stripped Mix)
Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Martian Assualt Remix)

So yeah as I mentioned before I will attach the actual links to download these tracks this evening (I should always carry a USB cord for my iPod in my backpack), but just check back this evening (or tomorrow if your in Europe or who knows when if your in Japan).

Monday, July 24, 2006

Its Raining, Its Pouring

So my Firefox browser unexpectadly quit just as I was about to post this, how fucking irritating can computers be? Anyway, let me start again.

I was just saying, there was another hurricane type thing in Minneapolis today with hail the size of orange Runts and horizontal rain. Fucking madness really. Branches falling, pellting from falling ice....Anyway, i thought to myself how much nicer would it to be somewhere sunnier, say like Sesame Street....Especially now that Im so heated by my faulty software, I could bring my mind to a nice calming place such as "The Street".

What better way to kick off things with an unlikely pairing of the immortal (literally) Cookie Monster and the likewise Larry Levan. Now besides being in the studio with Timbaland, I dont think I could imagine a cooler studio session to be a fly on the wall. I mean, do you think the C. Monster rolls deep with an entourage or just solo? I mean no one would fuck with him on the street surely. Dood lives in a trash can, how grimey is that? But than I'm sure he's got someone carrying a case of cookies at all time. An obviously the best.

Cookie Monster - C is for Cookie (Larry Levan Disco Remix)

And bring The Pointer Sisters into the mix...I mean they were not graced with the presence of any of the cats of the "Street" corner, but they kick a pretty mean couonting game, helping me count higher than the 10 fingers on both my hands! I mean 12 for god sake! Killer.

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count

I know this track isnt Sesame Street related, but it came up when I searched for Pointer Sisters tracks. Now most of you should have it as a staple in your music. If you dont, its a sin.

The Pointer Sisters - Automatic

And speaking of sins, if your living in the greater Minneapolis area, tickets for the Pet Shop Boys went on sale today. Even if you think your too cool or too straight to go to the show, your not. Your actually lame if you think that. They got their own fucking Lego figures. Thats cool.

The Pet Shop Boys - Disappointed (808 State Remix)
The Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Remix)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Viva Colombia

Im sitting at my desk tonight (yes its Satuday night and Im sitting at my
desk...fuck you), but notice out my window a massive amount of fireworks going off. Like a serious amount. Not the dynamic shapes (smiley faces and cubes) I saw in NYC this past 4th, but a good 20 minutes of serious mortars and my favorite "lingering palm trees". Im digging through mP3s I want to post and making a little playlist so my A.D.D. mind can remember (though my mind will change later).
Well anyway, it turns out these fireworks are in honor of Colombian independance day. Pretty fucking sweet. I mean this display is up there with the Fourth of July in any city. Gotta love Colombia, the land which has given us Cocaine and Coffee.
Quick music note, I am listening to Cluster's album
Sowiesoso which is brilliant even when your not watching fireworks stoned. Pick it up. Its like Richard James making Selected Ambient works in 1974. Brilliant.

Cluster - Zum Wohl

Has anyone ever found themselves digging through your iTunes or whatever your using to store you music on your computer and gone "Holy Shit, I have this!". A tune or group of tunes so fucking amazing you get goosebumps. And you fucking own it. Right there. Anyway, I came across a few tunes by a Japanesse dude names Altz. At first I thought it was old school, but apparently its not. Check this tune out.

Altz - Max Motion (Space Voice Yoshimi)

Now I never would have thought it, but this tune just came on and it makes for great firework music.....Classic Larry Levan. Loving the piano and childrens chorus, eerily beautiful. If you havnt checked out the film
Maestro go Netflix that shit. Its actually worth the purchase, if your a true fan of anything Larry Levan, Paradise Garage, David Mancuso and te Loft, this shit will make you happy.

Larry Levan - Stand on the Word

Now that I've gotten myself on the nostalgia tip, I need to post one from Arthur Russel. This track is awesome solo track from Mr. Russell. Killer heavy drums in the background with his beautiful vocals.....

Arthur Russell - See My Brother, He's Jumping Out

Can't show love to NYC without giving some love to what was going on in Chicago at the time...I made a previous Ron Hardy posting, here is an excellent edit he did of Colonel Abrams "Trapped". Nostalgia much? (Yes, above is the front door to the legendary Music Box night club)

Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Muzic Box Beat Edit)

And to bring it all together, a track of great nostalgia, mixed with great chorus and edited by another Chicago pionneer, I am sure we all have it
in some form.

Stevie Wonder - As (Gene Harris Edit)

It like you never wanted the original to end. You wanted that chorus to keep going.....Now it does (well for 7 minutes at least)

Oh My Lord

So I know I promised some throwbacks soon, but I havn't been able to get the new Trick Daddy single off my stereo. Damn b, shit is firrre. Like sparkling grillz. Props to Disco D. Too be honest, I didn't hop that hipster bandwagon when son made the 50 Cent beat, but I started to turn when he made that fire for Clipse and Vybz Cartel (what happened to that track?) Seriously Pusha T kills it with his patois influenced verses.

But when I heard he was working with Trick I was psyched. Anyway check out the shit below. Don't be actin all manish bitches.

Clipse (feat. Vybz Cartel) - Double Down (produced by Disco D)
Trick Daddy - I Pop (produced by Disco D)

In the vain of hip hop, Im also really feeling this remix by some dude named Konrad (anyone have info on this dude?). He remixed the Baby/Wayne collabo "Stuntin' Like My Daddy". Wayne has been dropping some serious fire lately. His vocal creativity is really getting good. What was he like 16 when he was in the Hot Boyz? Now he's the only lasting member (though some would debate Juvenile is still on top). I especially like the part when Wayne takes a bite of a sandwhich or something towards the end of the track but keeps rapping.
Whos riding whos coat tails now Baby? Looks like your "son" is bigger than "daddy". Listen to that part where Baby is like "Cash Money is still a company" and Wayne is like "And bitch Im the boss".....Ha

Baby & Lil Wayne - Stuntin Like My Daddy (Konrad Remix)

Another hipster blogster remix from Cadence Weapon of Fireman.....Doood kills it on this beat. Seriously. Each set of verse is accompanied by a changing and growing mountain of bass and strings. Serious slap you mami type ish.

Lil' Wayne - Fireman (Cadence Weapon Snow in Edmonton Remix)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So as I mentioned when I first started this page, I really have no idea what I am going to post, except its just what Im feeling over the course of a day or a few days. Sometimes they are rare gems I want to share with everyone, or they are just random shit I collected from other various internet resources or companions. Today Ive just been in a good mood finally, and when I am in a good mood that only means one dance party (yay).

Now I dont necessarily mean thumb in my bum gay, but just tits out hands in the air give a fuck all about anything else dance party. Im not a dancer really unless Ive had a few drinks, but I love when other people just go ass out and dont give a shit and have fun....isnt that really what we're all here for anyway? Especially in these stiffling summer months, a dance party can really help out. Yes you usually end up getting soaked in sweat and your face is bright red, but the best part is that if the party is being done correctly, so is everyone else around you....that is they all look like stupid tits, but the times are killer, right?

Anyway, download these songs, invite some friends over, get some beer and just do what you need to do. I wont ask any questions......

Cassius - Toop Toop (Olivier Koletski Mix)

Royksopp - What Else is There (Vitalic Remix)

The Knife - Silent Shout (William Acidic Circuits Remix)

The Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)

Lo-Fi-Fnk vs Karin Ström - Psykos (Lo Fi Fnk Club Mix)

I was kind of debating about commenting on these tracks, but thats not what this posting is all about. Its about downloading them as fast as possible, putting them on a playlist, and have fun. So do it fuck wad.

Oh yeah, I hope this wasn't offensive to anyone, this has nothing to do with my political or social views. As I said no party is better than a gay dance party!

Blogger is down, so your getting some gay bonuses.

I know I've posted this a few times, but its still a killer. Who would have the balls to put one hand in the air and use the other to masturbate.....on the dance floor.....other than a gay man....Please dont try and prove yourself....

Fox N' Wolf - In Yr Underwear (JD Edit)

Now, Im not into bondage, but I am feeling this song. Especially the killer funky break down two and a half minutes into the song. I know its an oldie, but who isn't still waiting for the Midnight Mike full length.

Midnight Mike - Black Rubber

Speaking of Midnight Mike/Gomma, throw on that Leroy Hanghoffer. That shits is for sure a classic. Have fun.

Oh fuck it this shit is still down, here is a Leroy song to add to the mix. But seriously, from start to end the album is killer. Fucking awesome.

Leroy Hanghoffer - Klon (Your Body)

Now Im done for sure. Later.

P.S. Stay tuned over the next few days for a throwback gay dance party. Classic gems steez.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Long time coming

So I've been gone....for a while...but Im back. Between my trip back to NYC and begining school again, I have been inundated with shit to do. Unfortunatley blogging wasn't to far up there on my list, but I am going to hit you up with some gems to make up for lost time....

Alright, the first track was created in 1968 by 15 year old guitarist/singer Jay Kaye (JK & Co.). Aparently many consider his album Suddenly One Summer to be the basis for Radioheads OK Computer. I can definatley see the comparisons, but when I think about this kid 15 years old making this album almost 40 fucking years ago. Thats pretty cool.

J.K. & Co. - Fly

Now for a bit of fun... This track is a real prize. its a one-off private-press lp released in 1981 by one-time tangerine dream/kluster associate conrad schnitzler and given only to friends and family. the b-side is pretty odd, even for schnitzler, with its pitched up vocals & arbitrary lo-fi synth drippings; but the real prize is the a-side featuring his teenage son gregor on electric bass and completely fried vocals as run through conrad’s massive modular synth rig.

Conrad & Sohn - Side A Track 3

Moving up another 10 years now comes a track from the Code 6 (aka Joey Beltram) who released a few records on Nu Grooves. This is a killer classic cut (I believed reissued and available from Turntable Lab).

Code 6 - C.O.D.E.S.

This next track comes from one time Planet E (Carl Craigs label) artist, Common Factor. Released in 1998, to be honest I dont know much about this artist, except its just a dope Chicago techno track.

Common Factor - Positive Visual

* I updated my Top Ten list on the right hand side. I never know which route to go with that list. Its not really coherent, but I suppose neither am I really.....