Monday, July 24, 2006

Its Raining, Its Pouring

So my Firefox browser unexpectadly quit just as I was about to post this, how fucking irritating can computers be? Anyway, let me start again.

I was just saying, there was another hurricane type thing in Minneapolis today with hail the size of orange Runts and horizontal rain. Fucking madness really. Branches falling, pellting from falling ice....Anyway, i thought to myself how much nicer would it to be somewhere sunnier, say like Sesame Street....Especially now that Im so heated by my faulty software, I could bring my mind to a nice calming place such as "The Street".

What better way to kick off things with an unlikely pairing of the immortal (literally) Cookie Monster and the likewise Larry Levan. Now besides being in the studio with Timbaland, I dont think I could imagine a cooler studio session to be a fly on the wall. I mean, do you think the C. Monster rolls deep with an entourage or just solo? I mean no one would fuck with him on the street surely. Dood lives in a trash can, how grimey is that? But than I'm sure he's got someone carrying a case of cookies at all time. An obviously the best.

Cookie Monster - C is for Cookie (Larry Levan Disco Remix)

And bring The Pointer Sisters into the mix...I mean they were not graced with the presence of any of the cats of the "Street" corner, but they kick a pretty mean couonting game, helping me count higher than the 10 fingers on both my hands! I mean 12 for god sake! Killer.

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count

I know this track isnt Sesame Street related, but it came up when I searched for Pointer Sisters tracks. Now most of you should have it as a staple in your music. If you dont, its a sin.

The Pointer Sisters - Automatic

And speaking of sins, if your living in the greater Minneapolis area, tickets for the Pet Shop Boys went on sale today. Even if you think your too cool or too straight to go to the show, your not. Your actually lame if you think that. They got their own fucking Lego figures. Thats cool.

The Pet Shop Boys - Disappointed (808 State Remix)
The Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Remix)


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