Monday, July 17, 2006

Long time coming

So I've been gone....for a while...but Im back. Between my trip back to NYC and begining school again, I have been inundated with shit to do. Unfortunatley blogging wasn't to far up there on my list, but I am going to hit you up with some gems to make up for lost time....

Alright, the first track was created in 1968 by 15 year old guitarist/singer Jay Kaye (JK & Co.). Aparently many consider his album Suddenly One Summer to be the basis for Radioheads OK Computer. I can definatley see the comparisons, but when I think about this kid 15 years old making this album almost 40 fucking years ago. Thats pretty cool.

J.K. & Co. - Fly

Now for a bit of fun... This track is a real prize. its a one-off private-press lp released in 1981 by one-time tangerine dream/kluster associate conrad schnitzler and given only to friends and family. the b-side is pretty odd, even for schnitzler, with its pitched up vocals & arbitrary lo-fi synth drippings; but the real prize is the a-side featuring his teenage son gregor on electric bass and completely fried vocals as run through conrad’s massive modular synth rig.

Conrad & Sohn - Side A Track 3

Moving up another 10 years now comes a track from the Code 6 (aka Joey Beltram) who released a few records on Nu Grooves. This is a killer classic cut (I believed reissued and available from Turntable Lab).

Code 6 - C.O.D.E.S.

This next track comes from one time Planet E (Carl Craigs label) artist, Common Factor. Released in 1998, to be honest I dont know much about this artist, except its just a dope Chicago techno track.

Common Factor - Positive Visual

* I updated my Top Ten list on the right hand side. I never know which route to go with that list. Its not really coherent, but I suppose neither am I really.....


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