Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks to catchdubs for the shout out on his site. You got to love the way this internet game works. Its brings the idea of word uv mouf to a whole new light. I was just in Barnes and Noble reading the introduction to the new book out by Wired editor Chris Anderson called "The Long Tail" which focuses on how big business is "selling more of less". Basically it is speaking on how companys such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and other companys are bringing basically everything to everyone. Check out an excerpt here from the Wired archives

Also watch "The Day of the Long Tail" here
And keep up to date on The Long Tail Blog here

So in my eyes, this blogging shit right here is bringing my mental jukebox to people all around the world. And its so simple. Ive gotten emails from England, Sweden, Detorit and Japan complimenting me on my tracks and my postings which is really why I wanted to get into this right here.
I am actually in a computer lab at school at the moment and my track posting not going to happen so bear with me, I just wanted to get the text out and I will ad some tracks tonight. As well as some pictures.

Anyway back to the point at hand. Music. Its been over a week since my last posting and those have since expired, so Im going to treat everyone to a handful of good shit, yet you wont be able to download them until I get home tonight, but I am going to just list them off anyway so your appetite is wet.

Peaches seems to be all over the places as of late. I can get into her, but this remix is one of my favorites right now, just cause I am a big Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan, and any track of their made into a dancefloor hit is killer.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix)

I got this track from Skull Juice. Took a minute to grow on me, until I let it get into the sinister keys. Nice track.

Bauchamp - All Night Long

Also to ride the Skull Juice coat tail, they made mention of Tigarah. I posted on her a while back but I am reposting this track in case the added attention sparks anyone elses attention.

Tigarah - Fake Out

Few more dancefloor tracks, some old, some new, I dont really know, but they are all worthy of attention today so grab em while you can.

Royksopp - What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix)

Royksopp - What Else is There (Vitalic Remix)
The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health (Trentemoller Remix)
Azzido Da Bass feat. Digitalism - Strobelightz (Stripped Mix)
Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Martian Assualt Remix)

So yeah as I mentioned before I will attach the actual links to download these tracks this evening (I should always carry a USB cord for my iPod in my backpack), but just check back this evening (or tomorrow if your in Europe or who knows when if your in Japan).


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