Saturday, July 22, 2006

Viva Colombia

Im sitting at my desk tonight (yes its Satuday night and Im sitting at my
desk...fuck you), but notice out my window a massive amount of fireworks going off. Like a serious amount. Not the dynamic shapes (smiley faces and cubes) I saw in NYC this past 4th, but a good 20 minutes of serious mortars and my favorite "lingering palm trees". Im digging through mP3s I want to post and making a little playlist so my A.D.D. mind can remember (though my mind will change later).
Well anyway, it turns out these fireworks are in honor of Colombian independance day. Pretty fucking sweet. I mean this display is up there with the Fourth of July in any city. Gotta love Colombia, the land which has given us Cocaine and Coffee.
Quick music note, I am listening to Cluster's album
Sowiesoso which is brilliant even when your not watching fireworks stoned. Pick it up. Its like Richard James making Selected Ambient works in 1974. Brilliant.

Cluster - Zum Wohl

Has anyone ever found themselves digging through your iTunes or whatever your using to store you music on your computer and gone "Holy Shit, I have this!". A tune or group of tunes so fucking amazing you get goosebumps. And you fucking own it. Right there. Anyway, I came across a few tunes by a Japanesse dude names Altz. At first I thought it was old school, but apparently its not. Check this tune out.

Altz - Max Motion (Space Voice Yoshimi)

Now I never would have thought it, but this tune just came on and it makes for great firework music.....Classic Larry Levan. Loving the piano and childrens chorus, eerily beautiful. If you havnt checked out the film
Maestro go Netflix that shit. Its actually worth the purchase, if your a true fan of anything Larry Levan, Paradise Garage, David Mancuso and te Loft, this shit will make you happy.

Larry Levan - Stand on the Word

Now that I've gotten myself on the nostalgia tip, I need to post one from Arthur Russel. This track is awesome solo track from Mr. Russell. Killer heavy drums in the background with his beautiful vocals.....

Arthur Russell - See My Brother, He's Jumping Out

Can't show love to NYC without giving some love to what was going on in Chicago at the time...I made a previous Ron Hardy posting, here is an excellent edit he did of Colonel Abrams "Trapped". Nostalgia much? (Yes, above is the front door to the legendary Music Box night club)

Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Muzic Box Beat Edit)

And to bring it all together, a track of great nostalgia, mixed with great chorus and edited by another Chicago pionneer, I am sure we all have it
in some form.

Stevie Wonder - As (Gene Harris Edit)

It like you never wanted the original to end. You wanted that chorus to keep going.....Now it does (well for 7 minutes at least)


Blogger American Athlete said...

Great Post! However, the Arthur Russell link is not there?

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Wernesgruner said...

"Trapped" in a Ron Hardy style is genius.

RIP Ron.

12:27 PM  
Blogger colombia curiosa said...

Not only cocaine & coffee, also Shakira, emeralds, El Dorado, Botero, etc. come from here,

4:08 AM  

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