Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Its amazing. You post two Justin Timberlake songs and your hits like go up 100X. I hope I dont dissapoint any new viewers of this site with any of my new postings. I hit up the pop music like every once and a while.

I spent so much time reposting those songs for everyone due to request, I havnt been able to post any new tracks I have been feeling. So check some of this shit out.

Ellen Allien & Apparat - Way Out (Robag Wruhme Vati Mafonkk Remikks)

This is off of the remix EP stemming from one of my favorite albums of this year (so far). If you havnt bought "Orchestra of Bubbles", go do it. This is also one of my more favorable remixers out there. He sort of put an Aphex spin on this.

Marc Houle - Kicker

I picked this song up from the Oh My Gosh site. This guy is on minues. A really creative techno song from his LP (or EP?) entitled Spaceships and Pings....anyone got anymore info let me know.

Rekorder - Rekorder 6.1

So I posted 5.3 a while back, and even touted it as one of my favorite tracks of the year. But at least for this week, this track has been on repeat. I love the darkness of this track. Its haunting.

Citizen Kain - Above the Influence (Oliver Koletzki remix)

So I dont know much about this artist except he is on Regular Records. But the remixer,Oliver Koletzki,has been making fucking awesome remixes this year, all of which I have posted from Cassius to Paul Jackson. JG.....think Juan remix....

Silicon Soul - 3 A.M.

The name says it all. After the after-bar....If you downloaded that Trentmoller song I posted last week, "Take Me Into Your Skin", this song compliments it like caviar to champagne.


Blogger The Digital Self said...

That Marc Houle track is off a new Minus sublabel called Items & Things. It's run by Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce (RunStopRestore). It's their first 4 track EP Spaceship & Pings. It's got tracks from Marc Houle, Magda, Troy Pierce and Konrad Black.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Sift said...

Ahh! I missed that robag wruhme remix! Any chance of a copy yousendit-ed or emailed to me? sift(at)paradise(dot)net(dot)nz

Thanks! Love the blog, I check it everyday!

4:08 PM  
Blogger alt124 said...

Citizane Kane is one of the alias of the producer of a spanish group called Cycle and if i remember good one of the regular owners. Cycle it's like electro rock band or something like that...it had a big impact in the spanish underground scene and now they are preparing the second album

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i just read what was written by alt124 about citizen KAIN* and not "kane" (citizen kane is a movie). Let's first say that it's all wrong...
Citizen Kain is not an alias of a so-called Cycle band... it's just Citizen Kain and no alias, a french band that has been signed on Regular. They are not the owners of Regular, they are only signed by them and also by Danced Records (label of Xenia Beliayeva) and other smaller labels. Citizen Kain is not making a SECOND album, but after 5 EPs they now release their FIRST album on Regular. Now alt124 i read on your blog that you write for clubbingspain... clubbingspain is promoting citizen kain a lot, especially these days, so you need to be up to date. If you want more infos www.citizenkain.net or www.myspace.com/xcitizenkainx

8:35 AM  

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