Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its that time again

So the Minneapolis heatwave has finally broken I hope. Its like a cool 75 degrees here today and things are looking good. Ive been in somewhat of a shit mood this week just because nothing is good when its 100 degrees outside, but whatever, Im over it, and Ive got some happy postings for you.

So basically its time for this weeks gay dance party! YAY!

Lets kick it off with someone who could use a little more sunshine in her life these days. Ms. Whitney. Yes, in my mind she isnt married to B. Brown cause he has just fucked shit up. Take that pipe away from your lips and listen to this song.

Whitney Houston - Love Will Save the Day (JellyBean & David Morales Remix)

Mixes well with the Whitney track. Its all about having some big fun this summer.

Inner City - Big Fun (Magic Juan Edit)

What was more short lived than hip house? Here is the Raze classic, All 4 Love making b boys around the world break for love.

Raze - All 4 Love (Hip House version)

Here is a little hip acid house from Traxx Records. You remember that Daft Punk song "Teachers" (in the same vain as LCD's Losing My Edge) where they name off dance music pioneers. Remember that first name "Paul Johnson". Check why they mentioned him first.

Paul Johnson feat. Eric Martin - We Live This Life

And I can't make a mention of Traxx Records without posting a Frankie Knuckles track. Im sure everyone has this one, but Ive done my job if Ive hook up one fan who doesnt have it. Dont we all wish it were a bit colder right now anyway? Enjoy.

Frankie Knuckles - Its a Cold World

I guess you guys can tell I am kind of obsessed with the Chicago House scene. Well at least back in the day. Especially Ron Hardy.

Ron Hardy - House Flashback

The It - Donnie (Ron Hardy Edit)


Anonymous Wernesgruner said...

Thanks for more Ron Hardy (that's a new track to me) and early Chicago stuff. I was getting into this early stuff back in '86. Shame I was on the wrong side of the Atlantic and never got to hear him out live.

"Work the Box..."

5:07 AM  
Blogger American Athlete said...

I Love Early Chicago House. Thanks for the songs, great post.

1:40 PM  

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