Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Wow. This new Justin Timberlake track is ill. The beat is just so fucking dope. Im not so into his vocals, but once T.I. drops in, the club is done. Too bad his verse is way to short. Who did this beat? Im going to assume Timbaland, but he's fucking with some Lil Jon style synths. I dont know dudes. What does everyone think?
Sorry for the promo blabbing, ill get a real version here soon enough.

Justin Timberlake (feat. T.I.) - My Love
I bet when a proper version comes around the shit will knock my socks off. Oh its totally Timbaland on a re-listen. Listen to the beatbox and vocals before and during the hook. Pleease T.I. and Timbaland?!

Rick Ross vs Simian Mobile Disco - Hustlin' Hustler (Cadence Weapon Hi-Speed Edit)
This shit is the fucking shit. I know Ive said it over and over but Rick Ross is killing it. It was only a matter of time before someone put these tracks together. I can't even judge cause im feeling Ross too much.

Clipse - Drop It (Les Bitches Remix)

I dont know the story behind this track, whether its old or new or whatever, but its fucking sick. Even the J-Tag repair man thinks so. Prick went to Hot Chip like the hipster he is. Dont scuff them Huff Dunks B.

Fam-Lay (feat. Pharrell) - Beeper
Thats for you son.

Fun mash up of David Banner over the Cure. No seriously, it flows for sure. Maybe I love both artists too much. The gentle music works with the soft vocals though.

David Banner/The Cure - Play Close to Me (Paul Devro Remix)

As far as my favorite group of right now (and for a while), The Knife, Pound for Pound as just done a nice posting as has 20 Jazz Funk Greats. Check out the Ratatat remix of "We Share Our Mothers Health" and the live version of "Kino" at Scala. This song is so good I cant explain it. I would give anything to see these guys live....Please come to America soon.

Fuck it, sorry 20JFG, but for those who need a one stop joint, download that song here. Its too good to let slide (I tried to edit out the crowd noise as well)

The Knife - Kino (Live @ Scala)

And if you havnt gotten the new album "Silent Shout" get it now.


Anonymous scott said...

i did the les biches remix. no T in the name. they fucked up! thanks for listening. more to come.

3:30 PM  
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