Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ravers Suck Yur Sound

So ive been all over hip hop and chicago house music, Im feeling like an old school techno post is due. And where better to start than early Warp. First off from one of my favorite artists (I know Ive got a shit load of favorite artists, sorry), but anyway starting it slower with LFO.

LFO - Simon From Sydney
This next one isn't warp, but its for sure a definite classic. Released on Mo Wax, this track was released as an EP entitled "Breaking Boundries Messing Up Heads E.P.". Its dope if you can pick it up on wax. This remix is one of my favorites from Mr. Hawtin. And for those of you feeling that new Cassius song, this is what Boom Bass and Philippe Zdar were up to years in advance.

La Funk Mob - Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (Hawtin Remix)

Back to Warp, another one of my "favorite" artists. No but really, Richard James is in my top five all time favorite artists. He would be number one if he stopped making music in 95 and I dont mean he got bad but Im just not so much into the harder stuff he began to make. Selected Ambient Works is one of my favorite albums. Ask in the DFA office, Im sure I wore out a copy.

Aphex Twin - Heliosphan

Aphex Twin - Polynomial G

Pop over stateside for the last jam. No, not Chicago, Detroit. The previous artists could be argued to have been influenced by this man here. Juan Atkins. Known by tons of other names, this guy really put techno on the map. Again, up for debate, but this site is about my thoughts, so post a comment. Get active.

Juan Atkins - Scan 7 / 21st Century

Anyway, enjoy. Be back soon. Thanks Hype Machine for putting me up there.


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