Saturday, September 02, 2006

A huff posting for those losing your swagger....

So Ive just recently accumlated some tracks Ive been looking for now for a minute. Im sure these are on all your iPods and what nots, but I am psyched to get them all together. And if this isnt a hipster posting, I dont know what is.

Brazilian Girls - Jique (MSTRKRFT Remix)

I have never been into the Brazilian Girls so much, but this remix is pretty good. A good Daft Punk twist to it (even though the cowbells are a bit of a rip off).

Animal Machine - Persona (Para One Remix)

A massive electro hipster rock remix from Para One. Certain dancefloor shit like this and Skitzo Dancer are just straight up fun shit.

Teki Latex - Disco Dance With You (Para One Remix)

I like this one way more than the Spank Rock remix. Just harder and raver-esq.

Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)

I really love the remixes Switch does. This one starts out a little bit slower than the other ones, but eventually grows into a dope song. This is for sure his longest track, so have some patience.

Jay-Z - Dirt of Your Shoulder (Ghislain Poirier Remix)

The bass in this song is so fucking deadly. This guy has been leaking out some ill remixes. Check this other one out below.

Cadence Weapon - Sharks (Ghislain Poirier Remix)


NOTE: All of these pictures were supplied by J-Tag Repair Man out from San Fran (aka the YAY area). And I think some from Thailand. Just as a heads up, he is going to be starting a party in that area (weekly? bi weekly?) I dont know, but the first night is going to be the last weekend in September for which I am planning on flying out there to DJ with him. Exactly when and where will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.


Blogger quieto said...

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7:11 AM  
Blogger quieto said...

Dag nabit...The download limit's been reached on the Ghis remixes. Could you, permaybily, re-up, pretty please?

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

yeah.. can you put the track back online ? With not using Zshare ?
Sad because your musical selection is perfect but I never can't download the tracks :(

8:41 AM  
Blogger johnny hustle said...

aye you go on vacation for a weekend and all the awesome songs are gone already. any re-up, pretty plz

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

plz plz re-up

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Blip said...


12:48 AM  
Blogger stacy said...

let me know when you start dj stuff out in san francisco. i'll drive out to check it out.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Felix said...

Can you post back those track please ???

8:15 AM  

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