Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Anyone else?

Wow. This track is fucking amazing. Leaving me somewhat speechless......Thanks James.
Anyone else think so?

Antena - Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)

Antena - Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix) )YSI)

Monday, October 23, 2006

out on a limb

Its quite amazing Ive never posted DFA material up here before knowing my background. Well I think its because we all know that they are all over bloggers posting their tunes. And its been a minute since new shit has come from their West Village studio. But things will be changing in the next 6 months or so. Juan is back in the studio with numerous new tracks complete, LCD is on their way (looking at a Spring '07 release date for their as yet untitled sophmore LP) as well as numerous new acts including The Loving Hand, Prinz Horn Dance School and others (hush hush).

Juan has been touring like a mad man (Im not refering to that ATL incident). He will be hiting up numerous dates in Australia in November to play dates with Modular Record artists. Check out this remix he did for local Aussies The Presets. I hear Dancehall Modulator meeting Titos Way. Two of my favortie tracks, so yes, I like this remix.

The Presets - I Go Down (Juan MacLean Remix)

And of course, though not still on DFA, a bloggers delite. I got my hands on this Rapture single in the Spring, so I am not sure if this is going to be their second single off of the new L.P. , but here is the Simian Mobile Disco remix of W.A.Y.A.H.

The Rapture - Whoo Alright Yeah Uh Huh (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

It will also be released with a dub side. Im confused as to who produced the original. Was it Ewan Pearson or Dangermouse? Ive heard both.

Not new, but I still listen to this track. What ever happened to the Endz? Their "Are You Really From the Endz" 12" was awesome. Without that video, I doubt this remix would have come to light.

The Rapture - Killing (Endz Remix)

Check out these guys and 95% of the music world at the end of this month and first weekend in Novemeber in NYC during CMJ. If your wondering who is playing where either check the DFA link on my sidebar or MySpace search whatever band your looking for. Chances are they are playing somewhere. And I am pissed I am missing it.

minimize this

So I have been on a bit of a downloading frenzy. Been dry humping electroy shit too much lately though so Im going to make a slight shift back to more techno. Just for now.

Oliver Koletzki - Da Bleibt Er Ganz Cool (Original Mix)

Ive posted alot from this guy. I still think his remixes are better off than his solo shit but I like guitar stabs that which sound familiar from that one good Ashanti song....ummm....Only U I think....Released on Kling Klong.

Van Rivers - Kill The Disco (Meaty Minimal Dub Mix)

FluoKids posted the original mix of this but I like this one a bit more. Im on the fence though. It just keeps building and building towards the end till just after 5 mins when it drops back in.

Eyerer vs. Koletzki - Nimbus

Im really feeling this song (obviously why would i post shite?)Nothing special or crazy about this song. Just awesome acidy sounds and electro synths (oops didnt I say I was staying away from the electro?)

Dominik Eulberg - Bjoern Borkenkaefer

I posted his remix of the Koletski track "Muckenshwarm" (Mood Swarm in english??)but anyway I really liked that track and his solo shit stands up quite well (not as well)but what can you do.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I know this first track isnt new. I picked it up off of FluoKids (I think). Only gave it a listen this week and I like it quite a bit. French disco-house seemingly.

Sebastian Ingrosso - Body Beat (Steve Angello Remix)

This track is dope. Sexy french female vocals over nice electro beat. Leroy Hanghofer remixed by Sebastian sort of. Also a snag from FluoKids.
Riot in Belgium - La Musique

Im sure everyone has this one at this point. I like certain parts of this alot, but Mylo kinda dissapoints at sometimes. After the vocals in the first three minutes, I was expecting it to get bigger, but it kinda bores out in the middle two minutes. But it picks back up. Either way, surely this will delite most.

Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)

This next track is my song of the week. It came from Nik (Normals Welcome) up in Edmonton, from his band Shout Out Out Out Out which I first heard about through Gangs of Neon. After posting a remix of one of their other tracks last week, I got word from Nik and it turns it out we have worked together in the past a few times when I was back in NYC. Small world.
Anyway, this track "Self Loathing Rulz" is remixed by this guy (new to me) Malente. Apparently he is under same management as Digitalism, Play Paul and Boyz Noize among others. Its a crazy out there electroy dance off. Its just pretty fucking awesome.

Shout Out Out Out Out - Self Loathing Rulz (Malente Remix)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nu Ravers in the bowling green

So this track has been playing on my ipod all fucking week. Well most of what I post I obviously listen the shit out of, but this track is just fucking stellar.

Sneaky Soundsystem - I Love It (Bag Raiders Dub Mix)

This next track is also killer. Its a fucking builder and when it hits it fucking smashes.

Yuksek - Crosswords

New track from Alex Gopher. Im not liking it as much as "The Dice" but still good.

Alex Gopher - Motorcycle

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Indie Electro??

Figure while I have those pitchfork heads turned I wanted to post some of the indie music I have received this week.

I just got sent this MP3 from Salt Lake based artist "Ok Ikumi". Sounds like a mix of Hot Chip and Junior Boys, mixture I quite like.

Check out the artist website here.

OK Ikumi - Always Stay the Same

Also from Edmonton (Sorry for saying you were from L.A.!) based Shout Out Out Out Out, a remix of their track "Nobody Calls Me Unless They Want Something" (I got the track name muddled up, but Nik from the band straightened me out) by Mocky. Check out Gangs of Neon for another track from Shout Out Out Out Out, or check out their MYSPACE.

Shout Out Out Out Out - Forever Endebted (Mocky Remix)


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Monday, October 09, 2006



I was under the impression the title of her first single was going to be "Bird Flu", but here is possible leak from her forthcoming album. It sounds like a Diplo production (on top of which I got it off his mySpace page. Sounds like a "Whisper" track meets Chicago jook but in a Balitmore club. I dont know what I think. I dont think its the lead single, but bound to be a club hit.

M.I.A. - XR 2

I dont know whats up with the title.....

p.s. I reposted those Guns N Bombs tracks as requested. Get them while you can.