Monday, October 23, 2006

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So I have been on a bit of a downloading frenzy. Been dry humping electroy shit too much lately though so Im going to make a slight shift back to more techno. Just for now.

Oliver Koletzki - Da Bleibt Er Ganz Cool (Original Mix)

Ive posted alot from this guy. I still think his remixes are better off than his solo shit but I like guitar stabs that which sound familiar from that one good Ashanti song....ummm....Only U I think....Released on Kling Klong.

Van Rivers - Kill The Disco (Meaty Minimal Dub Mix)

FluoKids posted the original mix of this but I like this one a bit more. Im on the fence though. It just keeps building and building towards the end till just after 5 mins when it drops back in.

Eyerer vs. Koletzki - Nimbus

Im really feeling this song (obviously why would i post shite?)Nothing special or crazy about this song. Just awesome acidy sounds and electro synths (oops didnt I say I was staying away from the electro?)

Dominik Eulberg - Bjoern Borkenkaefer

I posted his remix of the Koletski track "Muckenshwarm" (Mood Swarm in english??)but anyway I really liked that track and his solo shit stands up quite well (not as well)but what can you do.


Anonymous kool keith² said...

Ok i dig techno but electro is better! keep up the good selection!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous david. said...

i think its mosquito swarm

6:53 AM  

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