Thursday, January 25, 2007

So it has been over a month since I have posted any music. Apologies, life has just been very busy. Anyway, check out some of these tunes.

New Claude Von Stroke remix for Katapult artist Mikael Weill. That repeating sound throughout reminds me a bit of the same sound in Orbital "Halcyon". A bit....

Mikael Weill - Silmarions (Claude Von Stroke Mix) (zShare)
Mikael Weill - Silmarions (Claude Von Stroke Mix) (YSI)

Oh shit, Fluokids posted this tune this morning....its no fair them being 7 hours ahead. Im going to leave it, but give them all the credit. If your not check out their site, click on the link over on the right.

Good mid set tune to bring up the crowd. The chopped up vocal patterns lay nicely over any tune coming up....

33Hz - Paris, Texas (Gentlemens Driver Remix) (zShare)
33Hz - Paris, Texas (Gentlemens Driver Remix) (YSI)

If you read FluoKids and the other blogs orbiting Europe, Im sure you have already scored this track. A nice electro track to start out the new year.

Felix Cartal - Moss vs. Tree (zShare)
Felix Cartal - Moss vs. Tree (YSI)

I know I know, a short post, but look out in the furture. Will be getting back into this in the coming week. Many other blogs are run by numerous people....any avid readers of this site interested in helping with the postings....? Post a comment. The obvious applys. Have good (similar) taste in music....Be back soon.....


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